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Just a bit of craziness added to your everyday. Expect lots of Team Guy, and bunches more the further back you go. No promises on quality there o.o.

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It wasn’t long ago that Arein was a country all its own, sending tribute to its neighbor Fierdia to be left alone. That all changed when the Fierdian king decided he had to have the beautiful Deirdre for his own. The kingdom fell, but the spirit of Arein refused to die.

Two generations later, KYLERIAN was born. He is the Queen’s bastard; the son of the present King—AMEATHON’s-- elder brother who was slain by Ameathon in battle. Only ancient magic has kept Kylerian himself from being killed. He doesn’t know all this. All he knows is that he adores his elder half-brother, BRECC, and wants to see him on Arein’s throne to rule with the justice and wisdom Ky knows he possesses.

Ky doesn’t know that his very presence will throw Arein into civil war. Against Brecc’s advice, Ky participates in the tournament that accompanies Brecc’s coronation as Crown Prince in Arein. He must fight Brecc’s Captain of the Guard, FYREN, in a battle where he is sure to lose. The life and death struggle awakes in Kylerian the King’s Blood. It is old magic, passed down through the Areinian royal line, that makes blue glowing marking on his skin, and forces his body and mind to its limits. Magic is forbidden in Fierdia, and only Brecc’s mercy saves his life. The natives are convinced that this show means Ky must be their king.

Ky struggles with the choice; does he help the people of this country when they are forced to suffer wrongs, or does he stand by Brecc who is only acting in the fear of his father’s shadow? At first, he chooses the later, joining with Brecc’s knights to slaughter the rebelling Areinians and sending the women and children off to be slaves. It makes him sick inside, and as the acts of cruelty by his fellow soldiers become worse, Ky finds himself forced to rebel. He cannot, he will not, bend that far.

Betrayed by Fyren and nearly killed, Ky is rescued by a family of Areinians, including TAHKTA, their skilled and head-strong daughter. She holds him captive, hoping with the rest of her family that if he will not take the throne they can use him as a bargaining chip against his brother. Instead, Tahkta finds her village and family slaughtered, down to the last woman and child; all to protect Ky from his enemies. Only then does Ky decide he must take the throne of Arein and overthrow Ameathon, holding it until Brecc takes the throne and the two kingdoms can live in peace.

It is not as simple as he had hoped. The King of Arein is not decided by birthright alone, but also by vote. He must win the agreement of the heads of the four clans. To his dismay, the acts he committed while under Fyren’s command are not so easily forgiven. He is sent by the three clan heads he can find to ask the fourth for help, and members of that clan have not been seen for hundreds of years. Only when he finds them does he learn the truth of his parentage; a fact he does not know yet how to cope with.

When open war breaks out, Ky seeks desperately to save both sides. He cannot, and Brecc forces him to kill him. Alone now, with only Ameathon in the way of peace for his people, Ky no longer holds back. There is old magic in the land, the Dreamers they are called, that will awaken only once when there is great need. Kylerian pays the cost, removing himself from the cycle of rebirth to die eternally when he is killed, and uses the power of the Dreamers to remove the Fierdians from his land. He then takes the crown for himself, and faces the task of saving a land ruined by war.
Dreamer's Awakening Synopsis there be spoilers? This is the synopsis I send when I pitch my novel of the story. It needs to be better and more engaging. Any thoughts?    
Growing up the disgraced and unwanted bastard son of the Queen has been hard on Kylerian, but he has tried to prove himself a loyal companion to his older half-brother and true heir to the throne, Brecc—that is until the magic of their mother’s homeland decides to claim him as its own, and to preserve his own life he must cause a war.

“Dreamer’s Awakening” is a 116,000 word stand alone young adult fantasy novel set in a country inspired by Celtic myth and legend—Ireland if all her earliest tales were true.

The once Queen of Arein was ruling peacefully until the son of a rival king and his army overtook her land and forced her to marry the new king. Through a complicated set of wins and losses, she had two sons, one by her forced husband and one by his brother, her true love and companion for a time, before she and her sons were forced away.

But her people have not yet forgotten what it was to have values and a culture of their own, and they are ready to take back their homeland. Deciding that Kylerian, her younger son, is the true heir, some begin to plot to take the throne for him.

War follows, and Kylerian is separated from his brother and forced to accept his role as the champion of the native Areinians against their oppressors.  He is joined by Tahkta, the intelligent and hot-tempered daughter of an Areinian leader, whose talents with weapons and magic are essential to completing his new quest to unite the five scattered Areinian clans and become the true High King of Arein.

It is a tale of wonder and loss that explores what it truly means to be a family. “Kylerian: Dreamer’s Awakening” is a story that blends a fantastical countryside, the gritty realism of war, and the triumph of the human spirit.
Kylerian Pitch
This is the short pitch that is sent as sort of a cover letter to Agents. Please critique it hard and help me come up with ways to make it more interesting!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: Reggie (pronounce ray-gi) . It isn't my real name, but short for Regulus, my favorite character in Harry Potter.

Age: 27

Birthday: April 1st

Favorite Movies: Dead Poet's Society, Finding Never land, National Treasure (Original and Book of Secrets), and P.S. I Love You

Favorite Songs: "Never Gonna Be Alone" Nickelback, "White Horse" Taylor Swift, "I Need You" Lady Antebellum

Favorite TV shows: Naruto, NCIS, Psych, TMNT (2k3 series)

Favorite Manga: Naruto, Yotsuba&!

Other info: Please note me :D.

Current Residence: My House
Favourite genre of music: Country, Techno, Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iRuka
Wallpaper of choice: LeeHina
Favourite cartoon character: Team Guy, Pietro, Kitty, Donnie, Raph, Sokka and Azula, Kakashi and Iruka, Shikamaru, Kiba
Personal Quote: "Everything in this world can be healed by a form of salt water- sweat or tears."
My birthday is tomorrow :D.

Just so you know.

I'll be 28 O_o. I don't feel like I'm that old, even with a baby.
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